GONSA would like to inform our Valued Customers / Partners of an Covid-19 case of our employee. The case was confirmed to be Patient BN14850 by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

GONSA's employees are doing centralized isolation procedures at the hotel

Receiving information on a suspected case of COVID-19 on June 24, GONSA immediately held an internal online meeting and issued a Decision to establish a "Quick Response Steering Committee" led by the General Director, collaborating with GONSA’s Board of Epidemic Prevention (established 2 years ago) for a quick response to current situation and proactively tracing at warp speed… by the following simultaneous series of actions:

1. Informing all employees about the suspected case.

2. Requesting all employees to immediately make the online medical declaration (relating to the suspected case).

3. Reporting to Board of Management (BoM) of Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Medical Center of Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh Center for Disease Control (HCDC) for further directions.

4. Requesting suspected cases to report their daily journeys, people in contact... (for initial identification of epidemiological points).

5. TExtracting data on work logs of suspected cases, extracting images from security cameras, initiating internal inqueries with suspected cases... (to distinguish epidemiological points).

6. TConducting overnight meetings to quickly trace, localize, proactively classify and make a list of risk of infection (high risk, low risk...).

7. Reporting tracing results and submitting the list of infection risks to HCDC and local Medical Center.

8. Collaborating with Nha Be District CDC to arrange sampling of F1 and F2 on the night of June 25 and ALL F1 AND F2 ARE NEGATIVELY RESULTED AT FIRST TEST.

9. While waiting for the authorities’ directions, in order to actively control the spread of the disease internally and in the community, we has established a BoM of the centralized quarantine area at the company to set up isolation plans and zones as follows:

- For F1: Requesting to gather at the company for temporarily-centralized quarantine. Arrangement of accommodation, travelling and other activities in the quarantine area is strictly carried out according to the directions of the MOH, HCDC... ensuring safety, good health and no further spread during quarantine.

- For F2, it was required to isolate at home according to regulations and each individual must report to the nearest Health Station for directions.

10. After HCDC determined the list of F1s, we carried out centralized quarantine of all F1s at a private centralized quarantine facility (according to the list provided by HCDC).

11. In order to ensure uninterrupted production and business operations, GONSA has set up a Plan for self-isolation (F2) at the facility and in production and business activities and has been approved by HCDC for implementation. Currently, GONSA's production and business activities are still maintained and fully implemented to Customers and Partners under the direction, supervision and strict control of the Board of Directors.

Health and safety for employees as well as the community is a top priority that we have always proactively implemented with specific and timely solutions such as strict compliance with 5K, fully equipped with specialized protective equipment, Daily disinfection, proactively testing periodically, .. and organizing vaccination (vaccine) against Covid-19 for all employees on June 24, 2021. The organization of vaccination has been completed to ensure compliance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Covid-19 daily test

Installing washing machines and dryers to ensure the accommodation


GONSA determines that this is only the first round in the fight against Covid-19, it will remain challenging in the coming period, but we all believe in the compliance, solidarity and consensus of all employees as well as the spirit of proactively responding to the epidemic situation.

In order to get positive situation in the campaign of pandemic controlling and prevention, we would like to thank the close and timely direction, support and guidance with a sense of responsibility for the public health of frontline workers from HCDC, Nha Be District Medical Center, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park BoM, local authorities... have not been afraid of difficulties and hardships accompanying us. GONSA wishes you good health and safe in order to fulfill the noble mission – Health Protection for Our Community!

GONSA would like to send our sincere thanks to our Valued Customers, Partners… for always understanding, sharing, supporting… and accompanying us. We will all overcome this difficult period and move forward together!