24th June 2021. GONSA Joint Stock Company – operating in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City - by supporting from HEPZA to organize vaccinating for all employees at our office building. In order to hold this perfectly, our BOD and Management Team has to work hard to arrange everything from the previous day. .

Preparation for Covid-19 vaccination day

With the advantages of being a company specializing in pharmaceutical services and big office building, we are very fast in locating functional rooms such as waiting area, screening room, injection room, data input area, post-injection room,… Especially at our office building, a two-bed well-equipped medical room is ready together with 02 on-duty ambulances and doctor’s teams come from Victoria Healthcare clinic for employees in case of getting serious symptoms after vaccinating.

Throughout April and August, GONSA also has arranged to all employees in agencies throughout the territory of Viet Nam and take turn vaccinating until we make sure 100% our employees have been vaccinated completely. Those prior vaccinations for Logistics teams can be seen in the taking care of our staff and our partners, customers during the process of Delivery.

Ambulances are available in case of any reaction after the vaccination

With the support of BOD to all staff during the pandemic. GONSA has well arranged materials such as cloths, gloves, hand wash gel and vaccine storage boxes,... We would like to thank for Japanese government to aid this batch of vaccines to GONSA and our country.

With all of our heart, GONSA especially appreciates the Vietnamese government, the Ministry of Health, Committee of HCM city, HCM Department of Health, HCDC, HEPZA, Victoria Healthcare clinic and Family Medical Practice clinic. This enables us to continue supplying pharmaceutical products to hospitals, pharmacies on time as well as services to other pharmaceutical companies.

Employees were vaccinated in qualifying conditions

Employees were vaccinated in qualifying conditions

Employees were vaccinated in qualifying conditions