On the afternoon of June 2, GONSA was announced by the Ministry of Health as one of 36 licensed companies certified to be eligible for business in the scope of vaccine import and vaccine preservation services, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 has always been a dominant topic due to the appearance of new variants, problems during COVID-19 infection as well as problems after COVID-19 infection, also called post COVID-19. Have you understood correctly about post COVID-19 symptoms? Let’s read the below GONSA’s article to gain useful information.

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In the hope that the Medical Representative team will constantly improve their professional competence and be able to apply scientific knowledge to work and life, recently, GONSA was honored to invite MSc.Phar. Pham Hong Tham - Deputy Head of Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy - Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, and Deputy Head of Pharmacy Department - Gia Dinh People's Hospital to come and share her extremely valuable expertise and experience both in clinical aspect and treatment through the "Overview of antibiotics and the application of 3rd generation Cephalosporins in clinical practice" training session.
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With the vision to become a symbol of quality in the Specilized Pharmaceutical Service model, recently, GONSA has held the "Excellent service of delivery staff" training session at Hiep Phuoc office.

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On the occasion of Children's Day June 1st, GONSA would like to send the best wishes to all the little angels, especially the children of GONSA HOLDINGS staff and member companies. With a small gift for the holiday as well as a playground for the children, GONSA hopes to lift their spirit as well as create beautiful memories among family members.


24th June 2021. GONSA Joint Stock Company – operating in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City - by supporting from HEPZA to organize vaccinating for all employees at our office building. In order to hold this perfectly, our BOD and Management Team has to work hard to arrange everything from the previous day. .

GONSA xin thông báo đến Quý Khách hàng, Quý Đối tác về ca nhiễm Covid-19 là nhân viên công ty. Ca nhiễm đã được Bộ Y tế xác định là Bệnh nhân số BN14850.
“Quyết tâm không để gián đoạn chuỗi cung ứng” là lời hứa của toàn thể CBNV GONSA.
In May 2022, GONSA and Hisamistu officially accompanied the older brothers of GONSA Logistics department to supply medicines in all regions of the country.
Cùng với tốc độ lây nhiễm ngày càng đáng lo ngại của dịch bệnh (175.480 ca mắc mới tính đến 17:45 15/03/2022 – Số liệu từ Bộ Y Tế) thì vac-xin và các thuốc kháng viruts được xem là chìa khóa để chống lại đại dịch. Tuy nhiên, có phải ai cũng sử dụng được hay không? Hay có nên mua Molnupiravir để uống phòng ngừa trước hay không? Liều dùng thì như thế nào? Hay lỡ quên uống thuốc thì làm sao? Và rất nhiều những câu hỏi mà Công ty cổ phần Gonsa đã nhận được trong quá trình tư vấn sử dụng Molnupiravir. Và để hiểu rõ hơn về thuốc này , xin mời bạn đọc những thông tin tư vấn dưới đây. Bài viết tổng quan xoay quanh các vấn đề đang được đông đảo mọi người quan tâm về thuốc kháng viruts mới – Molnupiravir.
This is an annual charity activity, our “Am long ngay Tet 2021” project has been well-arranged with 3.500 presents and 50 million VND of cash which have been given to the poor.

The project was born with the great desire to share love, spread the reading culture and bring knowledge closer to students in remote areas, who have not had many opportunities. The bookcase was located in the reception area of Hiep Phuoc office (HCM city), where it can catch everyone's eyes and runs with simple rules.

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