Vừa qua, GONSA hân hạnh là nhà tài trợ Đồng, đồng hành cùng Đại học Y dược TP. HCM tổ chức Hội nghị khoa học thường niên lần thứ XIX với chủ đề “ĐIỀU TRỊ UNG THƯ BẰNG KẾT HỢP ĐÔNG – TÂY Y: TỪ KINH ĐIỂN ĐẾN Y HỌC THỰC CHỨNG” với sự tham dự của các diễn giả uy tín trong nước và quốc tế
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Vừa qua, GONSA đã hân hạnh phối hợp với Trung tâm Giáo dục nghề nghiệp - Giáo dục thường xuyên Huyện Nhà Bè tạo điều kiện cho các CBNV tham gia chương trình đào tạo “An toàn vệ sinh lao động nhóm 4” tại trụ sở GONSA Hiệp Phước.
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The TMS Transportation Management System project is implemented by Meksmart Technology Solution Company Limited – a company specializing in developing IT solutions for businesses operational and logistics management purposes.
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This morning on July 31st, following a series of training programs to improve knowledge and skills of staff, GONSA organized a professional training course with the companionship of SAN's Pharmacist team. TA VN and MEDSI company - GONSA's strategic partner with the topic GLUCOCORTICOID CLINICAL PRACTICE APPLICATION - DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF MEDIUM TO SEVERE pain under the guidance of Dr. DS Pham Hong Tham
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On July 27th, GONSA continued to organize a course with the participation of a team of medical representative of its public partners SAN TA VN with the most popular and most interested topic today - OVERVIEW OF CANCER AND TREATMENT DRUGS OF CANCER DISEASE under the leadership of Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Dung.
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On July 19th, GONSA employees participated in the Group 4 occupational safety and health training program under the guidance of Mr. Huynh Van Hoang Dung organized by Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park in collaboration with the Center for Vocational Education - Continuing Education of Nha Be District.
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The Multi-Channel Marketing, Sales and Customer Care Management System is implemented by CLOUDGO Technology Company Limited, previously known as OnlineCRM, with over 13 years of experience in providing multi-channel Marketing, Sales and Customer Care solutions in Vietnam.
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People are always considered as the core value and the key factor of the common development of a collective. And so is GONSA - respectfully acknowledge the dedication and efforts of employees, who have always been attached and accompanied the company during the past time.
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The SAP S/4HANA for GONSA is a new set of overall governance application software solutions that integrates specific business processes of the pharmaceutical industry in general and pharmaceutical services in particular. In addition to deploying the SAP S/4HANA, GONSA promotes the application of RPA-based (Robotic Process Automation) akaBot process automation.
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Infor WMS Deployment Project is one of four key software projects to be deployed in GONSA in the year of 2023-2024.
Infor WMS is an integrated warehouse management system to be recognized as the most advanced one in the world and it is suitable for GONSA’s demands and requirements. Infor WMS is going to be deployed at one distribution center in Hiep Phuoc IP, Nha Be District, HCMC and 17 hubs/ warehouses nationwide.
Humans of GONSA is simply a place for members of the “Orange family” to understand each other better, listen to each other's feelings, and share things as it is. And the first episode in the series has "knocked” on the heart of GONSA- Customer Service Center a place that gathers beautiful staff and a boss who is always willing to listen to their feelings, concerns, and sharings about work and life at GONSA.

24th June 2021. GONSA Joint Stock Company – operating in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City - by supporting from HEPZA to organize vaccinating for all employees at our office building. In order to hold this perfectly, our BOD and Management Team has to work hard to arrange everything from the previous day. .

GONSA xin thông báo đến Quý Khách hàng, Quý Đối tác về ca nhiễm Covid-19 là nhân viên công ty. Ca nhiễm đã được Bộ Y tế xác định là Bệnh nhân số BN14850.
“Quyết tâm không để gián đoạn chuỗi cung ứng” là lời hứa của toàn thể CBNV GONSA.
Humans of GONSA is a completely new series at GONSA with the purpose of listening to thoughts from GONSA members of all ages, positions, and departments on any topic for each broadcast.
In January 2022, Sieusat GS – Dry hand sanitizer gel to kill SARS-CoV-2 and variants was officially launched and distributed by GONSA.
On February 17, Molnupiravir STELLA 400 was one of three official COVID-19 treatment drugs licensed for conditional circulation in Vietnam by the Ministry of Health and GONSA was pleased to be the National Distributor of the product.
In May 2022, GONSA and Hisamistu officially accompanied the older brothers of GONSA Logistics department to supply medicines in all regions of the country.
Our journey "Am long ngay tet 2023" through 19 Provinces/Cities has ended with tons of happy endings. 3,100 gifts worth 450,000 VND/gift were sent to needy households & shelters and fostering centers.
On May 17, 2023, Phap Luat Newspaper of Ho Chi Minh City and sponsoring businesses are present in Can Gio province - the only province bordering the sea of the city, to send up to 200 sets of gifts to 200 fishermen with a value of about 4 million VND/gift: including 1 set of batteries, LED lights, 1 waterproof medicine bag and the handbook “Things to know about catching seafood” by the Phap Luat Newspaper HCMC author.
GONSA is honored to be one of the businesses accompanying this meaningful program. Within that framework, all GONSA employees responded enthusiastically when the program was launched.
In the atmosphere of youth, the city kicks off Youth Month activities in 2022, celebrating the 91st anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's founding (March 26, 1931-March 26, 2022), in the morning of On February 27, 2022, GONSA participated in the Kick-off Ceremony of Youth Month 2022 organized by the Standing Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Export and Industrial Parks Management Board with the activity of planting 100 trees at the Party Office of the Union of Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park.
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As an annual activity of GONSA, the journey of "Heartwarming on Tet 2022" ended with a lot of happiness when 3.100 gifts were sent to needy people in 20 provinces of North Central and South on the occasion of Tet. The small gift included necessities and epidemic prevention products distributed by GONSA (worth 500.000 VND/ piece). 

The project was born with the great desire to share love, spread the reading culture and bring knowledge closer to students in remote areas, who have not had many opportunities. The bookcase was located in the reception area of Hiep Phuoc office (HCM city), where it can catch everyone's eyes and runs with simple rules.

This is an annual charity activity, our “Am long ngay Tet 2021” project has been well-arranged with 3.500 presents and 50 million VND of cash which have been given to the poor.
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