Humans of GONSA is simply a place for members of the "Cam family" to understand each other better, listen to each other's feelings, and reveal things that are inherently like that. And the next episode in the series is to sit down and listen to the two "celebrities" sharing about their work and life at GONSA.

  Confidence with "celebrities" - Gen Z from the communication department

"We as Gen Z are also a bit sensitive in many cases. If we don't have the same frequency, it will be very difficult to work together" - share from Ms. Ngoc Tran who is currently the "representative face" of TikTok - GONSA_company, and working in the Communications Department at GONSA.

  Picture of Ms. Ngoc Tran - Communication Staff at GONSA

  Picture of Mr. Tan Tai - Communication Staff at GONSA

In this second episode 2, the organizers of Humans of GONSA "boldly" talked with the two faces "too familiar" to the Cam family, which is Mr. Tan Tai - in charge of Internal Communications, and Ms. Ngoc Tran - in charge of Communications to listen to our 2 Gen Z talk about their experiences and thoughts after a long-term commitment with GONSA.

  Picture of Ms. Ngoc Tran and Mr. Tan Tai in the video

Let's see if the life of the "Gen Z team" is interesting and has any concerns through this video:

Humans of GONSA is a series where we talk, and listen to the shares from the GONSA family of all ages, positions, and departments on all issues in work and life.

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