On the afternoon of June 2, GONSA was announced by the Ministry of Health as one of 36 licensed companies certified to be eligible for business in the scope of vaccine import and vaccine preservation services, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

A warehouse worker is operating importing activities

Accordingly, these companies must meet sufficient facilities and capacity in importing and preserving vaccines such as cold storage systems (2-8°C), deep-freeze storage (-86 to -40°C and -40 to -15°C); with closed processes, strict management.

A warehouse worker is using forklifts to pick up goods from pallets

According to the Ministry of Health, businesses and organizations wishing to import COVID-19 vaccines must/ can be in touch with one of those qualified units as listed.

GONSA's drug delivery truck with distinctive orange color


Source: Tuoitre News: https://tuoitre.vn/