In 2022, the Dandelion Bookcase landed at two locations: Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thuan with more than 1500 books and notebooks given away in addition to school supplies such as pens, whiteboards, calculators, etc. contributed by the GONSA members themselves.

The students are excited with the stories brought by the Bookcase project

Over the past year, the Dandelion Bookcase has been visiting disadvantaged, disabled, and orphan students at Binh Thuan School of Love. Dandelion Bookcase No. 2 has visited Mai Tam Shelter (Thu Duc) - a home nurturing nearly 100 children affected by HIV-AIDS.

The Dandelion Bookcase with students at Binh Thuan School of Love

The Dandelion Bookcase with children at Mai Tam Shelter (Thu Duc)

As this year's Dandelion Bookcase project has come to an end, the organizing committee would like to extend our gratitude to the contributions from members of the Great Family of GONSA. Thank you for "planting the seeds" of meaningful moments for everyone in 2022. The Dandelion Bookcase will return in 2023, promising to develop and accompany more children across the country.