Employees are GONSA's most important resource. On the occasion of last November 20, GONSA held Training Festival 2022. This is an opportunity to review the whole training journey and extend deep gratitude to the members who have contributed to the Company's Internal Training Program.

Internal Training members took a commemorative photo

In the past year, GONSA Training Center and Internal Training members have organized many Training courses covering different skills, thereby giving managers and employees at all levels many opportunities to embrace the GONSA culture, and at the same time develop comprehensively in terms of knowledge and skills, thus improving the quality of work for GONSA employees.

General Director Le Vi Hien sent greetings on the occasion of the 2022 Training Festival.

In the current era of breakneck science and technology development, the continuous formulation and organization of training programs not only help employees improve their skills, but also helps to narrow the gap between managers and employees in their department, helping businesses achieve new advancements in their journey.

Internal Training members took a commemorative photo

Internal Training members took a commemorative photo

In addition, GONSA would like to send the best wishes to all teachers who are making invaluable contributions to Education. May you have good health to complete the noble mission of “planting trees for the sake of 1 year and cultivating people for the sake of 100 years”.

With the vision of "Becoming a symbol of pharmaceutical service quality", GONSA constantly focuses on training employees in terms of knowledge and skills to ensure consistently high service quality to Valued Customers and Valued Partners.