Improper first aid can lead to more serious injury or even death. First aid skills are one of the most important skills that businesses need to equip their staff so that they can flexibly response to all incidents, especially unexpected ones. Following the issue of occupational safety and health, first aid skills play an essential role and are regularly trained by GONSA.

The members participating in the Training took a photo with the instructors.

Therefore, GONSA recently organized a First Aid Training Day for employees of all departments. At the training session with the guidance of Mr. Le Tu Quoc Hieu and Ms. Nham Ngoc Ly Cam, GONSA employees were guided, reviewed their knowledge of First Aid and rehearsed like a real first aid session.

GONSA members received specific and easy-to-understand instructions

The staffs were practicing with hypothetical situations at GSP GONSA warehouse area

In addition to gaining useful knowledge, you can also apply what you have learned to real life situations and improve the working quality.

A interesting and useful training day with GONSA members!