The bookcase is decorated with Christmas theme

The project was born with the great desire to share love, spread the reading culture and bring knowledge closer to students in remote areas, who have not had many opportunities. The bookcase was located in the reception area of Hiep Phuoc office (HCM city), where it can catch everyone's eyes and runs with simple rules.

  • You love to share, leave books, comics, newspapers, and even toys;
  • You love the books, you can borrow for a while (make sure to return before the bookcase is given away to the kids), the knowledge runs around.

300 books, comics - the 1st goal was quickly achieved.

The students excitedly discovered the books

On April 26th, the first bookcase was given away to its new home, which was Đa Mi secondary-high school in Ham Thuan Bac mountainous region, Binh Thuan Province. As soon as the books were neatly displayed on the shelves, the kids showed their excitement and interest which was so beautiful.

Each book will be like a dandelion petal and will be given to new lands of hope.

The bookcase at its new home