Department of Health statistics show that since 2013, there have been at least 14 assaults on medical staff throughout the country. And it seem to be on the rise, partly due to hospital overloaded condition and lack of control from patient’s relatives.

Doctors were assaulted at hospital

Many medical staff have been abusive and threated, For example, the recent assault in Tan Phu district hospital, Central Pediatrics Hospital, Thanh Nhan hospital, etc. These doctors were seriously injured, even dead.

This situation resulted from weak hospital security and overload, in which doctors did not have time to explain and announce patient’s status. Consequently, patient’s relative was left anxious and annoyed, leading to conflict and violence.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health has encouraged hospital to organize communication and handling situations skill training in order to understand feeling of patient’s relative as well as improve hospital security and close cooperation with the local security to handle emergency situations.

Training for Safer Working

(The training of medical staff at Cam Ranh hospital)

In two training days 2015 August 27th and 28, MSc. Dr. Phan Thi Ngoc Linh – specialist on Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Management of the Ministry of Health instructed how to manage information and appropriately communicate and shared methods to help medical staff to quickly identify and solve risky movements in order to avoid violence to ensure safety for patients and physicians and standardize all hospital process.

This training was a good opportunity for doctors and hospital medical staff of Cam Ranh hospital to update and apply knowledge on current Quality Management to improve efficacy.

In 2015, Gonsa will increase support and companionship with Dr Linh to help many hospitals participate in the “Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Management” program. It is our promise to contribute for an increasing national healthcare quality and better patient’s health, as well as express our concern for community and society.